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About Us

The BYU Young Musicians Academy was established to encourage music in the home by offering quality music experiences for preschool children, and their parents. Moreover, it serves as a music teaching and observing laboratory for Music Education, Elementary Education, and Early Childhood Education majors. This program offers the following weekly classes:

  • Parent/Toddler (20 months-2 years old)
  • Music Explorers (3 years old)
  • Music Makers (4 years old)
  • Music Creators (5-6 years old)

The Young Musicians Academy is a series of classes for young children and their parents. Based on the belief that young children learn best when they are free to play and make discoveries as they play, these weekly classes provide rich music environments where children may explore a variety of musical instruments, recordings, songs ,and music toys without structured teaching. Parents and teachers serve as partners in the play and learn ways to expand children’s understanding as they observe, label behaviors and make music with the children. Additionally, participating families will attend the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Family Concert Series held on Brigham Young campus, which is geared specifically towards young children.

Newsletters provide background information for parents on such topics as child development, music development, music and the brain, etc. Each newsletter also outlines some appropriate music activities to do at home. In addition, the children may take a recording, music game, or instrument home each week.

We Believe That

The first five years of life are the most important for building a strong music foundation.
Parents and family are the first and most important music teachers.
All children are musical and can learn about rhythm, melody, form, dynamics, and sound colors from birth.
Young children learn best when they are free to explore and make discoveries, guided by supportive adults.

Three-fold Mission

To encourage developmentally appropriate music making at home with very young children.
To provide supervised teaching experiences for select college students enrolled in elementary, early childhood, and music education.
To gather research regarding music and the young child.

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Register Today

Registration for the 2023-24 School Year is now open. This year we will be offering in-person classes only.